Who Wants an Exclusive Hot Pink Yotta Credit Card?

The Hot Pink YOTTA Credit Card–It’s Pretty and HOT

yotta credit card review
yotta credit card review

The Yotta Credit Card–Why would you want with yet another credit card, much less a hot pink one (although a four-year old girl might want it)? I targeted for a Yotta card (I used Yotta once and not really much after that) but I was THRILLED to get an offer to be on the waitlist for this card.

What is Yotta?

What are Yotta Prize Linked Savings?

Using Direct Deposit, you have a chance to double your chances at a Lucky Swipe free purchase, and earning bonus tickets on paychecks. Get paid up to two days early, and even unlock more out of each of your paychecks with Tax Refund Boost–earning bonus tickets on every paycheck.

yotta credit card review

Inspired by Premium Bonds and Freakonomics, Yotta offers Prize-Linked Savings Accounts to encourage our users to save more. Not only do they pay more than DOUBLE the national average rate on your savings as a baseline, they also pool a portion of the interest and pay it out in weekly sweepstakes (a “no-loss lottery”) with prizes ranging from 10 cents to $10 MILLION.

See the Prizes

We’re able to do this by being a lean, digital-first bank without big offices or branches. And despite this, we still offer everything you expect from a first-class banking experience.

Here’s what’s so HOT about this card:

1) It’s got LUCKY SWIPES

With this card, you can get up to a 2% chance to get anything you buy for FREE, plus 20% tickets back with INSTANT notifications.

A 2%* chance of getting your next purchase paid for by Yotta for free., including on dining. Use your card at one of their partner Lucky Deal merchants and get even better odds of up to 20%.

2) 20% TICKETS back

You get a bonus ticket into next week’s $10 million sweepstakes for every $5 you spend with your card.

3) You BUILD Your Credit with Each SWIPE

They report every Yotta credit card swipe to the credit bureaus so there is a chance to improve your credit score with every purchase.

4) NO Interest OR Fees

Your limit IS your Yotta balance, meaning: you can’t get into debt. Payments will always be on time and run in the background. So there are no fees, ever.

5) 2,000 BONUS Tickets

Spend $2,000 in your first four months and earn 2,000 bonus tickets in the next contest.

Be the first to get the exclusive hot pink Yotta Credit Card. Join the waitlist here.

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