Why do I have a routing number and account number on my bank statement?

Both numbers often listed on bank statements for your convenience.

Routing Numbers
 are used by your bank for all kinds of important financial transactions, like direct deposit, or paying bills by autopay.

They need a routing number to:
1) Set up direct deposit, or pay bills automatically (Auto Bill Pay) from your bank account
2) Make payments like a salary to be deposited directly into your account
3) Make a wire transfer or ACH payment to someone who resides in the United States (also called Domestic Wire Transfers)
4) Receive your tax refund or other US govt benefit
5) Transfer money between accounts at different banks or financial institutions

If you cannot find your routing number on your statement, there are several other ways to find it:

1) Find Routing Number on Check
2) Find Routing Number on Deposit Slip
3) Find Routing Number on Your Bank’s Website or Mobile App
4) Call Customer Service
5) Look It Up Online

Your Account Number identifies your unique checking, savings or deposit or brokerage account.