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You have Googled yourself and found your personal information, including your current address and phone number and all your other addresses and phone numbers going back to 1997. The site is called You are HORRIFIED! So, what do you do?

TruePeopleSearch Remove My INFO

To completely remove your info from, you must follow do the following instructions EXACTLY and IN the correct ORDER.

  1. First, enter your email address.
  2. Next, agree to the Terms by checking the box: By checking this box I agree that I am the subject of the record I am requesting to be removed (i.e., it contains my name, address and/or phone numbers).
  3. Check the I am human Captcha button and go through the screen(s) to verify that you are indeed human (and not a robot).
  4. Click the Begin Removal button.
  5. Search for your record (in other words, your name, phone number or address).
John Doe search

6. Click on the Details button to bring up the details for your record.

FINDROUTINGNUUMBER.COM | TruePeopleSearch REMOVE MY INFO Find Record John DOE Detail Page

7. Click the Remove this Record button located at the bottom of the page. NOTE: If you don’t see the Remove this Record button, you are on the wrong page or your session has expired. IF it has expired, you will see this error message: Your removal request could not be processed. Your session has expired due to inactivity. Please go to the removal page and re-start the removal process to refresh your session. Start over here.

8. Next, you will receive an email with a link. Click the link to confirm the request to remove your information.

Done! Your record SHOULD be removed everywhere on the site within 72 hours.

What Information is PRIVATE?

Public records include data that is reported by official government agencies throughout the United States, including but not limited to your physical addresses and locations, phone numbers and other data that you can see by running a search on sites like Sites like simply collate and aggregate all the public information and make them it readily searchable across the Internet.

Can I Remove Myself from the Internet?

Unfortunately, No. It is incredibly hard to completely delete yourself from the internet. You would need to find and completely and totally obliterate every image, video, social media mention, blog comment, and shopping order, etc. There ARE ways to minimize your online footprint which can reduce the instances of your data being searched and seen.

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