Kickstart the NEW Teen Credit Card on the Block

The Fidelity Youth Account: Worth Checking Out

Kickstart your teen’s financial education with the Fidelity® Youth Account Teen Credit card available for your 13 to 17-year-old so they can learn now how to save, spend, and invest securely. Set them up for a financially healthy adulthood now.

Can My Teenager Get a Credit Card?

The answer is YES! Here’s how:

1. First, open a Fidelity account for you

Open either a brokerage or Fidelity Cash Management Account to get insight into your teen’s activity and easily transfer funds between your account and your teenager’s account.

2. Then, open an account for your teenager

Open an account for your teen with no account fees or minimums to open. A parent/guardian must already have opened an account in order to open a teen account–have identifying documents for your teen.

3. Next, your teenager activates their account

Once you’ve completed the application and identification documents have been verified, your teen will be able to download the Fidelity Mobile App so they can activate their account.

What are the perks to this account?

It’s an account where:

  • teens can learn to save, spend, and invest their money.
  • there are no subscription fees, account fees, minimum balances, or domestic ATM fees.
  • the account allows for adult Secure Parental Oversight.

Always BE ON TOP of what your teen’s doing with the secure Fidelity Mobile App–every step and milestone of the way.

Saving and investing

Give your teen hands-on experience investing—starting with as little as $1 with fractional shares.

Financial education

A tailored curriculum to give teens the financial foundation they need.

teen credit card fidelity
The Teen Credit Card from Fidelity

Teen Credit Card Special Offer!

$100 for you when you fund a new account with $50. Terms and conditions apply.

$50 for your teen when you open a Youth Account. Terms and conditions apply.

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