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FINDING Your Routing Number

Is Routing Number on check? Yes, but there are 3 other main ways to find your Routing Number:

  1. Find Routing Number on Check
  2. Find Routing Number on Deposit Slip
  3. Find Routing Number on Your Bank’s Website or Mobile App
  4. Call Customer Service
  5. Look It Up Online

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1) Find Routing Number on Check

Is Routing Number on check? YES. Find the Routing Number in check. See above diagram showing a check with Routing Number. The routing number is found in the lower left hand corner of your check. You will see this symbol at the beginning and end of the number:

Is Routing Number on check | Check with routing number | How Do I Find My Bank's Routing Number? Find Routing Number Example Symbol

Your Routing Number always starts with 0, 1, 2 or 3.

2) On Your Deposit Slip

You can also find your bank’s Routing Number on your deposit slip.

FINDROUTINGNUMBER.COM | How Do I Find My Bank's Routing Number? Find Routing Number Deposit Slip Is Routing Number on check

3) Find Routing Number on Your Bank’s Website or Mobile App

Most banks, credit unions and other financial institutions list their Routing Numbers on their websites or apps. Some of the most popular bank websites are listed below:

Bank of America


Wells Fargo


For a bank not listed here or for more information, you can search for “[your bank name] routing number” in your browser, or SEARCH using our current database of Routing Numbers for the most popular U.S. banks.

4) Call Your Bank’s Customer Service

Call Customer Service at your bank, credit union, or financial institution. Once you have provided details identifying you as the owner of the account, a representative should be able to confirm your account’s Routing Number.

Bank of America’s main customer service number 800.432.1000

Chase Bank’s main customer service number 800.935.9935

Wells Fargo’s main customer service number 800.869.3557

Citigroup’s main customer service number 888.248.4226

5) Look It Up Online

You can search for any routing number on this website using the Search at the top of the screen.

You can also look up routing numbers in a public database. The ABA has a one-time lookup for individuals searching for a current Routing Number here. It is designed for one or two time use only and you must agree to their terms and conditions before looking up a number.

What are Routing Numbers used for?

Your bank uses Routing Numbers for all sorts of financial transactions. You will probably need a routing number to do any of the following tasks:

  • Set up direct deposit, or pay bills automatically (Auto Bill Pay)from your bank account
  • Make payments like a salary or pension deposited directly into your account
  • Make a wire transfer or ACH payment to someone who resides in the United States (Domestic Wire Transfers)
  • Receiving tax refunds or other benefits from the government
  • Transferring money between accounts at different banks or financial institutions

Common Bank of America Routing Number Lookups

Here are some of the most common BoA search requests by state. Is yours here? IF not, go here to the top of the page and use the search box.

How do i find routing number

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MICHIGAN: MI Routing Number

Common Wells Fargo Routing Number Lookups

Here are some of the most common search requests by state. Is your search request here? IF not, go here to the top of the page and use the search box.

how do i find routing number

ARIZONA: AZ Wells Fargo Routing Number

FLORIDA: Wells Fargo Tampa Routing Number

SOUTH DAKOTA: Wells Fargo Routing Number SD

USAA Lookups

Indiana: USAA Routing Number

Virginia: USAA Routing Number

Can Routing Numbers Change?

Note that Routing Numbers do occasionally change, but it’s rare. For example, if two banks merged or if a bank is acquired by another bank or financial institution, your routing number could change. You should be given notice of the change with time to make adjustments if you are a verified account holder.

Be sure to confirm your Routing Numbers with your bank (or credit union or other financial institution) before any transaction if your bank has recently been acquired or has merged with another bank.

What Kinds of Banks have Routing Numbers?

All federally-chartered and state-chartered banks and institutions in the United States that are qualified for an account at a Federal Reserve Bank have Routing Numbers (that are issued by the American Bankers Association or ABA). The ABA assigns unique bank routing numbers, so there’s no risk of errors or duplication between banks.

There are approximately 28,000 current active Routing Numbers.*

What do Routing Numbers Stand For?

The first four digits: the Federal Reserve Bank of the district where the bank or institution is located

The next four digits: the unique number that represents the bank or institution

The last digit: the check or instrument as a mathematical calculation to prevent check fraud

Are Routing Numbers Safe?

Routing Numbers are public knowledge, so they are information that anyone can get or have, legally. The only time it is unsafe for someone to have your bank’s Routing Number is when they ALSO have your checking account number. By impersonating you and having both your Routing Number AND your bank account number, they could potentially set up Bill Pay, ACH transactions, or other automatic payment using your funds.

Most institutions and retailers have fail-safe, fail proof methods for verifying and double checking that you are actually you when you set up auto payments. For example, legally, you have to authorize an ACH transaction that goes in or back out of your bank account.

ACH Fraud

ACH fraud is usually directed toward larger, commercial bank accounts, not individual or personal ones. However, DO NOT give out your account number to anyone (via email or in person) unless you can verify that the person is a legitimate representative.


ACH withdrawals from your account should only be authorized via the secure webpage of a company or institution. Alternatively, you can authorize ACH withdrawals via written letter.

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