What’s a Neobank? Answers to ALL Your Banking Questions

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Banks, Credit Unions, and NeoBanks

Answers to your Bank question about traditional banks, brick-and-mortar banks, credit unions, neobanks, and more

What is Go2Bank? Is it a real Bank?

Go2Bank is what is called a “neobank.” It’s by Green Dot, which is a fintech company.

Which Bank is bigger with more branches: Bank of America or Wells Fargo?

Bank of America has approximately 4,300 branches. Wells Fargo has approximately 8,050.

Is CashApp a Bank?

Cash App is not a bank. so it partners with other banks (Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Bank).

What is the meaning of Mukuru Bank’s name?

Mukuru means ‘elder’ in Shona. It highlights the fintech company’s goal of being a trusted, wise, and supportive elder and advisor in the finances of southern Africans.

Mukuru Bank is a fintech business that gives the emerging consumer access to affordable and reliable financial services, built on international money transfers – helping you to move money into, out of, and around Africa.

What is the Business Bank of St. Louis?

The Business Bank of St. Louis is a local bank with offices in Clayton, Missouri, serving small and medium-size businesses for lending, deposit and private banking needs.

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MORE NUMBERS: Routing Numbers and Account Numbers

Answers to your Bank question about routing numbers and account numbers–and all kinds of numbers used to identify accounts, etc.

How can I find a Telus Account Number?

The Telus Account Number is on your TELUS paper statement bill, right under your name. It can also appear right beneath your billing address–it will be called your Customer Number.

Also, you can find your Telus Account Number in the upper right top corner under your Billing Number.

What is the difference between IBAN and NIB numbers?

Your IBAN number (or International Number of Banking Account) identifies the current account for international transfers.

Your NIB (or Bank Identification Number) identifies the account in National Interbanking operations.

Does Capital One have 2 Routing Numbers?

Yes. Capital One has two routing numbers for their two business entities: Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. and Capital One, N.A.

Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. is 051405515
Capital One, N.A. is 056073502

What is Patelco Routing Number?

The Routing Number for Patelco Credit Union is 321076470.

Can you list the PNC Bank Numbers, please?

SURE–Here you go. There are 15 UNIQUE PNC Routing Numbers (some states/cities use the same number, see below).

Delaware 031100089
District of Columbia 054000030
Florida 043002900, 267084199
Illinois 071921891
Indiana 083009060, 083000108, 071921891
Kentucky 083000108
Michigan 041000124
Missouri 071921891
New Jersey 031207607
Ohio 042000398, 041000124
OHIO Youngstown 043000096
Pennsylvania Central North 043000096
Pennsylvania Central South 031312738
Pennsylvania Northeast 031300012
Pennsylvania Northwest 043300738
Pennsylvania Philadelphia 031000053
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 043000096
Wisconsin 071921891

For these states: Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, South Caroline, Virginia, West Virginia—Contact your branch and/or Customer Service

For states not listed on the site, contact your local branch and/or call PNC Customer Service at 800-762-9473.

What is the CashApp Routing Number?

There is more than one: 041215663 and 073923033.
041215663 is for Cash App users who have Sutton Bank.
073923033 is for Other Cash App users who have the Lincoln Savings Bank.

Cash App partners with these banks for user transactions.

What is an ARN?

The ARN is assigned to a transaction while moving through a payment flow for credit / debit Mastercard and Visa transactions.

An Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) is a unique number used by shops, issuers, and merchants, not individuals.

Cash Transfers, Money Transfers, and Mobile Wallets

Money transfer bank question: mobile wallets (PayPal, Cash App, and more)

Can I Transfer Money from My RushCard to My Chime Card?

What is the Rush Card?
The RushCard is a prepaid card you can use online and in stores that accept all Visa debit cards. You can also use it to withdraw cash from automated teller machines (ATMs) and pay your bills.

It is similar to a regular debit or credit card because it allows you to spend ONLY the funds you have in your account.

The Chime Card is different– it is a card from a FinTech company offering fee free online banking services.