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FINDROUTINGNUMBER.COM has been around since 2016 as a free service to help individuals find routing numbers and other important information for their banking needs. It was established in the United States in January, 2016.

Our mission is to connect customers with banks and to help them find the information they need, quickly and safely.

Our aim is to provide fast, free, high-tech solutions for finding routing numbers, loans, currency exchange rates, and other crucial financial information. We strive to continue improving our website by adding useful features and enhancing the user experience.


We do not save any information you enter or share any information about you or your search habits. For more information about FINDROUTINGNUMBER.COM and its privacy policy, go here.


Is my Routing Number safe? Yes, Routing Numbers are considered public information and alone they do not compromise your account.

However, if someone were to have your checking account number in addition to the Routing Number associated with that checking account, they could theoretically set up Bill Pay or other automatic payment system using the funds in your account. Keep your checking account number in a safe place and do not give it out to anyone (except a verified bank professional).

Accuracy and Veracity

Please note that every effort is made to keep all data and information on this website up-to-date and accurate in all cases. Be sure to confirm all Routing Numbers, Wire Transfer Numbers and other information with your bank or financial institution before starting any transaction.

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