Wells Fargo Routing Numbers: You Should Check

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers for Direct Transfer: Well Fargo & Company is a famous and most successful American multinational banking and financial services holding company. This leading bank was founded on March 18, 1852, means it is very old and successful bank since 163 years. It is a type of public bank and it is headquartered is located in San Francisco, California with many small branches throughout the country. There are many leading and strong banks in U.S, and Wells Fargo Bank is one of them, ranked as the third largest bank in the U.S according to its assets value and is also largest bank by market capitalization. Let us see what are the Wells Fargo Routing Numbers.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Here are the following core services of Wells Fargo Bank

  • This bank is headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD to facilitate their global consumers with services.
  • Charge lowers fees than compared with other competitors.
  • Wells Fargo Bank has higher checking account rates than compared to other competitors.
  • If you are in doubt regarding opening a new bank account in Wells Fargo, then you no need to worry about the fees as there are lower savings account rates when compared to other banks.
  • You can find more than many branches every state than most national institutions.
  • Fewer ATMs per state than comparable systems.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Don’t you know how to check the Routing Transit Number of Wells Fargo? Of course, this is the most confused question which may arise in your mind, and there would be many more questions regarding the same. Yes, everyone should know about ABA Wells Fargo Routing Numbers as the bank is like Chase bank and holds many services and functions to facilitate their consumers. Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number is one of the primary roles of the bank which is a nine-digit code that can be found on the bottom side of the check and it is much different than an account number. The Routing Number is also known as Transit Number or ABA Numbers and SWIFT codes used by consumers for the purpose of transferring money or maintaining an account. The routing number is a very specialized service when compared with savings accounts, prepaid cards, IRAs, lines of credit and also wire transfers and each holds its functions and specialties. Wells Fargo has made different routing number for every area where the branch is located thus it depends totally on which branch you belong to or in which branch you have opened you bank account. The routing transit number of Wells Fargo totally lies on where you first opened your account. You can find the 9 digit code easily on your below-left corner of the cheque. You can call banks customer care to find your respective bank routing number, and if you want to wire transfer, then you need to use the transit number 121000248 for all domestic wires and WFBIUS6S for all International wires.

Wells Fargo Bank ABA Routing Transit Numbers

The following are the Routing Number of Wells Fargo Bank. More can be found here.

State Routing Number State Routing Number
Alabama 062000080 New Hampshire 121042882
Alaska 125200057 New Jersey 021200025
Arizona 122105278 New Mexico 107002192
Arkansas 111900659 New York 026012881
California 121042882 North Carolina 053000219
Colorado 102000076 North Dakota 091300010
Connecticut 021101108 Ohio 041215537
Delaware 031100869 Oklahoma 121042882
District of Columbia 054001220 Oregon 123006800
Florida 063107513 Pennsylvania 031000503
Georgia 061000227 Rhode Island 121042882
Hawaii 121042882 South Carolina 053207766
Idaho 124103799 South Dakota 091400046
Illinois 071101307 Tennessee 064003768
Indiana 074900275 Texas 111900659
Iowa 073000228 Texas – El Paso 112000066
Kansas 101089292 Utah 124002971
Kentucky 121042882 Vermont 121042882
Louisiana 121042882 Virginia 051400549
Maine 121042882 Washington 125008547
Maryland 055003201 West Virginia 121042882
Massachusetts 121042882 Wisconsin 075911988
Michigan 091101455 Wyoming 102301092
Minnesota 091000019 American Samoa 121042882
Mississippi 062203751 North Mariana Islands 121042882
Missouri 121042882 Puerto Rico 121042882
Montana 092905278 Virgin Islands 121042882
Nebraska 104000058 American Forces Abroad 121042882
Nevada 321270742

Wells Fargo Bank has many amazing features, and there are many similarities too as compared with Chase bank, but we can say this particular bank is the best because of its long years experience and guarantee.


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