USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Number

USAA FSB Routing Number: Getting the right Routing Number of USAA Federal Savings Bank is not that much difficult. You just need to put some time to grab the working code for the respective branch of USAA FSB Routing Number. If you are new to know the term “Routing Number” or “Routing Transit Number” (both are same), then do check the article to find out What is a Routing Number on Check?.

Now, let us be acquainted with the bank history and their crucial functions. United Services Automobile Association (well known as USAA) Federal Savings Bank is a financial service provider located in Texas.  It has USAA FSB Routing Number which is essential to send funds. Banking, Investments, Subsidiaries and facilitating Automobile Insurances to the US military families are the primary departments of the bank. 25 army officers with the primary aim to insure their automobiles found it in San Antonio, Texas and then it was expanded to offer Banking, Mortgage, Property Insurance and Financial planning services within the place. Of course, you will be issued with Transit number and can find USAA FSB Routing Number on their website support section.

usaa fsb routing number

USAA FSB Routing Number

Digging in deep, USAA FSB started its outstanding banking services in 1983. Although the lobby of the bank is located in Texas, it is widely spread across all the major cities, near the military bases and has several financial centers around. Customers are given assistance and advice in active opening and closings of USAA FSB accounts online. The Banking services are available in different forms like in person, by mobile, by eMail and even through the Internet (Online).

USAA Federal Savings Bank also has their dedicated mobile applications on App Store (for iDevices like iPhone), Android and even in Windows store. You can regularly check the account statistics on the go through the Smartphone. All the bank deposits can be checked through the respective application. This bank is also offering free rebates on the ATM accounts for about $15 per month, free online bill payment facility, and other free banking related services. Account holder can send funds to different other accounts by using USAA FSB Routing Number. Their primary competitors are Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Military Bank, Bank of America and Navy Federal Credit Union. Apart from their regular services, USAA Federal Savings Bank also runs several other businesses such as mail order catalog service for the Jewellery sale, especially Diamonds.

USAA also provides health, the life insurance annuities apart from the banking services. It also offers discounts for the online shopping done on them. The shopping services include FTD Floral Delivery, Customer Care Service for the Jewellery & Diamond shop. It provides auxiliary aids for the disabled people and provides an accommodation under the American Disability Act which makes this bank stand apart from the crowd.

Find USAA FSB Routing Number

The ABA Transit Routing Number of USAA Federals Savings Bank is 314074269. The US Federal Reserve provides unique ABA numbers to each financial institution. These numbers help in moving funds electronically from one bank to the other bank or any financial institutions. These figures are termed as Bank Transit Route Numbers or ABA Numbers. It is located on your check and the deposit slips. The account holder name is positioned on the upper left corner of your cheque, whereas the name of the financial institution is located on the lower left corner of it. The check number is provided twice on the cheque (on the right-side-up and down). In each bank check you may find some numbers which are printed electronically. The first nine-digit code includes the bank USAA FSB routing number or the ABA transit number. Following this number, we have the bank account number next the cheque number. Usually, Swift codes are used for money transfer between the bank (for international transactions and transfers). But USAA does not have a Swift Code. So we need to contact the receiving bank before moving the money to that International Bank.

To receive the funds from the USA, we need to send some writing instructions to that bank which helps in the easy transfer of the money along with the ABA Transit Number or USAA FSB Routing Number. The ABA Number is also provided in the USAA Banking Services website. This routing number information was recently updated on March 2, 2016. This USAA FSB Transit Routing Number is valid for all types of transactions including the e-Transfer, Wire Transfer and the direct deposit of USAA Federal Savings Bank. There is no separate routing number for the wire transfer. Customer care also provides support to find your routing numbers. For further information regarding the USAA FSB Routing Number, you can either contact the bank through a call (1-800-531-8722) or by its direct contact.

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