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The USAA Routing Number for USAA FSB is 314074269. This number is the SAME for all states.

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About USAA Bank (USAA FSB)

In 1922, a few dozen Army officers decided to help each other out by insuring each other’s vehicles. Thus, United Services Automobile Association (USAA) was born. In time, this small but growing organization has expanded to serving millions who serve in the military, and their loved ones. At the end of 2020, it had more than 13 million members.

Built on core values of the founders and with its early beginnings in the military, USAA is deeply proud of its service, loyalty, integrity, and honesty.

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Requirements to Open USAA Account

NOTE: A free checking account with USAA means no monthly fees.

  1. See if you qualify for membership in USAA. A USAA member is current and former military and their spouses. Children of USAA members often are able to join, too.
  2. Apply for a Classic Checking or a Youth Spending Account by logging into your USAA account and following the instructions online.

About USAA Routing Number 314074269

Routing Numbers are unique identifiers for a bank, credit union, or financial institution. They are used primarily for clearing funds for electronic transfers or for processing checks. What is a Routing Number?

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More About USAA FSB

What’s in a name? There’s more to the USAA Bank name than simply USAA Bank Checking Accounts and Routing Numbers. USAA is one of the leading providers of insurance, banking, investment and retirement solutions to members and families of the U.S. military community, and to U.S. veterans who have honorably served their country.

USAA Credit Cards, Renter’s Insurance and Auto Loans are only some of the financial services options open to USAA members. USAA also runs a Safe Driver program called SafePilot, which can save safe drivers up to 30% on their USAA auto insurance premium.

Non-Military Member Privileges

Between September 2009 and August 2013, USAA offered limited membership to non-military. This allowed civilians to have access to USAA’s investment products: many of the bank deposit products and it also included life insurance. At that time, it was decided that auto and property insurance policies were not to be included for civilian, non-military members.

Charles Schwab Acquires USAA

Note that in May of 2020, the Charles Schwab Corporation acquired USAA investment and brokerage accounts for a reported $1.8 billion. 

USAA Bank in the news

Military Affiliates of USAA Bank

USAA has aligned itself with the official military branch affiliate groups including Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and Veteran’s Groups.

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