What is a Routing Number on Cheque?

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What is the Bank Routing Number on Check?

Many questions arise regarding what is a Routing Number and how an account holder can check Routing Transit Number on a cheque. All these issues and confusions make consumers mind more complicated so here we will help you to know in detail about how to find Routing Number. It is a nine-digit code, which is especially used in the United States and is visible clearly on the bottom side of the check. The primary function of adding a routing number on a check is to identify the financial institution on which it was drawn. It was essentially used in need of sorting, bundling and shipment of paper cheques back to the drawer’s account. This routing numbers system was developed in 1910 by the American Bankers Association (ABA) and is in use still. This process is only used in payment transactions within the United States as it is restricted to people living out of this country. Every region in U.S contains its bank, and each area has been assigned with their unique nine digit code on a cheque to provide the consumers. What is the routing number on a cheque used for? This question might be in your mind. So let me clear you that these routing numbers are primarily used on a paper cheque, wire transfers, and ACH transactions.

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ABA Routing Transit Number Format

Now you would be clear that what is the Routing Number on a Cheque, but you should also know about the format and form in which it has been placed. You can find these ABA routing transit numbers (ABA RTN) in two forms, which are a standard cheque, which also called the fraction form, and the MICR form. Both the types give same information but then also both the forms contain slight difference. MICR forms are considered to be the primary form as it is found printed in magnetic ink, and thus machine can quickly read and recognize it. You can find this on the bottom left of a cheque and consists of total nine digits. If you are finding for your area bank routing number lookup, you can call to your bank customer service and ask them about the ABA Routing Transit Number and where it is located etc.

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